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  1. I think will be ready next week but all Italy now are lockdown due coronavirus... (they are working to finish star.ace upmaps for hym821, monster 1200/821 and scramblers)
  2. Best solution is ask to Upmap a open solution - but we are living in 2020... and all want to use cloud solutions or similar solutions. As well i do not like ride by wire but all modern bikes have this system... At moment Upmap are very available to talk with customers to give them best solution ever - I have tested 939 and 950 with my kits and t800 maps for star.ace kit - best performance ever and just with on touch on app on smartphone.
  3. you will have same problem if you go to a classic mechanic and mapping your ecu - if in the future he will close business - We are talking about Termignoni, the state of art for racing exhaust, 60 years of experience and 30 years partner of Ducati and Ducati corse - and now they are working for me.
  4. next week maps for 821
  5. I am very happy for you. Proud of my Carbon and RSR kit plus works made by Termignoni T800. Enjoy!
  6. http://store.up-map.it/it/ some maps for my carbon kit and new RSR for 939 are online 😉
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